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Originally Posted by Blaseleblanc View Post
To this day, I still feel like there is a big piece of the puzzle we are missing. How is it that MPT makes better tunes than bama right off the bat, no datalogging necessary, after bama has been doing this from the start with tons of testing and way more customers? MPT does all kinds of vehicles, yet bama specializes in our mustangs. Why does it take 15 revisions of a bama tune just to get close to MPT level performance? All signs and logic points to bama being the best mail order tuner, hands down. They have the experience, the testing, the money, and the huge customer base.

This leads me to believe bama thinks MPT's tuning style isn't safe for our car or something. Otherwise, why would they not tune balls to the wall like MPT?

To the OP, the fact that you still feel such a huge difference with a manual with MPT over a datalogged bama tune is incredible. How long did it take you to get the tune, and what all did you ask for in the comments? Did you call or use the internet form?
These are my thoughts exactly...

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