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Originally Posted by 2012v6Pony View Post
To make it unbiased you should seriously do a couple passes with your setup as is and then re-flash your BAMA tune to have a clean fresh setup. As you point out the tunes seem to fade somewhat (wondering about adaptive trans shifting)

Thinking that just going from a tune that has been in for a while to a fresh "reset" tune may show improvement right there in and of itself.

Make a couple more passes and then swap to the MPT tune.

Assuming environmental conditions don't change people will usually get faster as they do more runs as well. Not too often you are going roll in and make your fastest pass of the night on your first run...
Good point. I haven't loaded my MPT tune onto the tuner yet, but when I do I will need to return to stock while I swap tunes around and update the device. Afterwards, I will do a couple test drives of the MPT tune before heading out to the track to make sure it works. So in that respect, the bama tune will be loaded fresh (or as close to fresh as possible).

The bama tune already has the advantage of having 3 datalog sessions of info behind its logic, whereas MPT has none. Even still, many people say the first revision MPT is stronger than their datalogged bama tunes. I'm trying to do the same exact method of takeoff for every pass to eliminate me as a factor. Stage, then floor it and hold it to the floor. It may very well be that I spin more off the line doing that with the MPT tune, but that means to me it's making more power and proves the point of the aggressiveness people claim.

Regarding your last point, I covered all the bases with bama when making my current tune. The hybrid tune is without a doubt the most aggressive they offer, and they only offer it to us. When I sent the datalogs back and forth with Don, it was because I was very disappointed with my 1/4 mile times on my initial bama tune, so he knew the entire time exactly what I was looking for. When mailing in both my forms for the tunes, I put the same thing on both. If Mike at MPT interpreted what I wanted correctly and built a tune accordingly and bama didn't, then that says something about the quality of tuners at MPT vs. Bama, which is another point that needs to be discovered.

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