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Dynomax overaxle pipes review

ill start off by saying that i have long tubes, catted x pipe and borla touring axle back. Every time i get under the car i see those stock over axle pipes and i cringe because of how small they look and the driver side has that flat spot on it. Made me sick. Also it always sounded like the connections were loose or something at around 2200- 2400 rpms, made like a rattle sound. I would tighten all the connections and within an hour the sound would be back.

So ive been looking at the dynomax pipes (55567, 55568) and was hesitant because i needed a Muffler shop to welded the old muffler fittings on. But i pulled the trigger. Got the pipes for $43 each at advanced auto, went down the street to the best muffler shop in town, i heard the guy does welding for all the car dealers in town so that was a plus.

went to pick it up, looked under it, looked fantastic. everything was aligned spot on and the pipes were actually pushed up closer to the body more than the stock ones which i wanted. Tips stuck out a little bit more which was a plus because they were actually kinda tucked in, flush with the bumper before.

Now i started it up, it sounded a bit deeper and not as smooth (in a good way) i could hear each cylinder coming out instead of a constant hummmm. Not to big of a difference but i could tell. Pulled out of the parking lot and gave it some gas up to the speed limit. IT FELT SO MUCH SMOOTHER That rattling sound was gone. the car seemed louder during acceleration, but actually quieter on the highway or constant speed for that matter.

I also was having a idle problem from the longtubes. Wasnt a big deal but the pipes help it. Its almost nonexistent now after an idle re-learn. I also felt more power, and smoother acceleration.

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