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Originally Posted by 2012v6Pony View Post
Hmm odd they gave me 93 S, P, and R tunes (all open) which allows me to tweak them myself. I got my shift points nice and firm plus I avoid the flat spot in the higher RPMs shifting at 6850 being that I don't have headers (yet). (even gained about 2 mpg hwy LOL)
The front end definitely comes up on every shift whenever I'm 3/4 or more into the throttle. Depending on road surface chirping 1-2-3 is pretty easy but at WOT I cant tell you for sure if the 3-4 chirps or not (CAI is too loud for me to tell inside the car)
Bama allowed the tweaking on your tune? Honestly, I haven't checked for it since switching to SCT from Diablo.

I noticed JLP did leave the basic params to tweak. Only non basic is global spark which could be dangerous in the wrong hands, lol. That adds spark "everywhere", even at all part throttle loads/conditions.
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