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Originally Posted by McCarthy View Post
I think what he was trying to say is a 1000hp GTR is not even doubling the stock output, but a 1000hp 3.7 is almost 3.5 times the output... If we make the GTR ~1900hp (3.5 times stock) it would last about as long as a 1000hp 3.7...

That is EXACTLY what he is saying!!.....And it is a 100% sound Statement!,.....This whole conversation is getting rediculous!.....The truth of the matter has already been brought up, If your endgame is 1,000 BHP. then you should start with the 3.5 L variant of Fords 6 Cylinder TiVCT, as that Block is built for Higher Cylinder pressures not to mention that the Block itself is a much more Stout Unit in just about every aspect Period!
We all realize that the OP's Builders intend on using Main Bearing Strengthening Girdles (To prevent Main bearing cap walk) But what Intense is saying that even still, no matter what, or how much you fortify it, the 3.7 Block will NOT Last at those Power levels, And I for one Agree!!.....If you Start with the 3.5's Block (which is able to handle 500BHP All day Long, in Stock Form, as people are achieving this much power by raising Boost) As this 3.5 L variant has much thicker Bulkheads, thicker webbing, in just about every place feasible, Much better head bolts, with twice the clamping force...Heck even the Front timing cover is reportedly 1.5 times stronger, not to mention that the Block itself is poured with a much better Grade of Aluminum (just as the 5.0 Roadrunners Heads are a tougher Grade compared to the 5.0 Coyotes Head material) Again it was NEVER stated that a 3.7 L Mustang engine could not be built to produce 1,000 BHP!....It was Stated that after ALL that coin that would be needed to make said Power.....The 3.7 L Block is the WRONG Block to use!!.....Especially when you could Start with a Much Better Block!...The 3.5 L Ecoboost variant!........

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