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Originally Posted by PP3.7 View Post
Does anyone have the Gloss black roof wrap from american muscle? Thinking about buying it. But I want to know how the quality is. Black Boss Style Mustang Roof Decal (05-14 All) - Free Shipping 26266
I think the Gloss Black roof look so good, especially on a light color like Silver!

AmericanMuscle Graphics uses the highest quality premium cast vinyl available. Designed to last 8+ years in the harsh outdoor weather. It's far more durable than our competitors' cheap, calendared vinyl film which starts to degrade in just a couple of years!

It is Vinyl so definitely be careful when you clean it! I run the Matte Black roof vinyl on my 2011 GT and have absolutely no complaints. I wash it like normal and just make sure to take care of the car and you'll be in great shape!

I hope this helps. Hit me up if you have any questions or need some assistance!


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