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Originally Posted by Blaseleblanc View Post
So this board has been a tug of war between people swapping from bama to MPT, with no one backing up the butt dyno with timeslips, so I took it upon myself to cure my own curiosity as well as some of you all. I'll be bringing my 2011 automatic to the track tomorrow to get some passes in with both a bama tune and an MPT tune. I spoke to Mike at MPT and ordered the MPT tune with the rush option in order to get it for tomorrow. Mike was an absolute pleasure to contact. He responded to emails almost instantly and was able to churn out a tune for me in a record 2 hours from when I submitted the form.

Right now I'm running a 93H tune from bama that has had 3 datalog revisions by Don. He did great work on the tune, but it still is nowhere near the claims people are making about MPT. (I actually heard someone say they chirp 3-4 with an MPT tune). Street-wise, it's pretty good. It actually held up a long time before it started getting soft, now the butt dyno is completely gone from it. I have never ran this datalogged tune at the track before so it will be my first run with a final revision bama tune and my mods. This is the "New 93H" style tune from bama that you all may have heard some members bragging on which supposedly gives MPT a run for their money.

The MPT tune I ordered was a 93 "Performance" with "Race" shifting. In the comments, I asked the tuner to tune for maximum power throughout the entire RPM range, and to be aggressive enough to chirp the tires (same thing I asked bama for). There were no datalogs exchanged yet, and so this will be a typical mail order tune.

My mods will consist of the tune being tested, an Airaid CAI, 3:73 gears, and an aluminum driveshaft. I'll be removing the spare from the back and launching off idle for both tunes with traction control off. I will be skipping the water box as well. I'll try to make 3 back to back passes with bama, then cool down and swap to MPT for 3 more runs. The best I have run in my car so far has been a 13.872 at 98.XX mph with my old unfinished 93H bama tune, 3:73's, stock driveshaft, and the AIRAID CAI.

If anyone else can think of any variables I need to consider in order to make this a fair comparison, or what they would like me to look for while I drive both tunes, please post. I want to make this as informative and unbiased as possible so we can really see who is making the most aggressive emailed tunes between bama or MPT.
Originally Posted by 2012v6Pony View Post
To make it unbiased you should seriously do a couple passes with your setup as is and then re-flash your BAMA tune to have a clean fresh setup. As you point out the tunes seem to fade somewhat (wondering about adaptive trans shifting)

Thinking that just going from a tune that has been in for a while to a fresh "reset" tune may show improvement right there in and of itself.

Make a couple more passes and then swap to the MPT tune.

Assuming environmental conditions don't change people will usually get faster as they do more runs as well. Not too often you are going roll in and make your fastest pass of the night on your first run...

You said are running a BAMA 93H which is more than likely not going to be as aggressive as could be...
You have the guy at MPT make a tune going in knowing what you are going to try?
Seems kind of an unfair comparison... Kind of like having a "race" when the other person is not aware there is a race...
This is really cool! I always love a good friendly competition. I'm confident that you have two great tunes right now and that the track times are going to be similar. It's hard to compare sometimes because of the time of the run, temperature of the car, traction, shifting etc.. However, I think you should still be able to get some pretty good runs in with both tunes!

If you'd like us to write you another tune that is a little more aggressive and strictly for the track, we can do that for you as well! Just let Don know and he'll definitely get you squared away.

Enjoy your time a the track it's a real blast taking your Mustang down the track! I look forward to seeing the results, let me know if you have any questions or need some assistance.


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