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I completely agree with Intense on this matter. I misunderstood what he was getting at when he joined in this thread. He is correct that this engine will blow at these levels and why. I took it personal when he was giving true information that will be limiting factors for this engine.

My official statement on this subject is:

The 3.7 can be built to make 1000bhp BUT it will kill itself in a limited but not known amount of time with sustained use at those levels.

This is the reason that in my build we are using a boost controller to adjust the power levels for the types of racing and power needed to accomplish our goals. If someone does build a 3.7 into these ultra high power levels and just beat the living hell out of it on a daily basis then yes you will end up blowing a very large sum of money in very short order.

My reasons for building the 3.7 to these levels are much different than why most people will want to do it. I dont drag race often but i do roll race. I mostly run road course and will be setting a personal goal for 200mph in this car at the Texas Mile next year, which is about the only time that full power, so to speak, will be needed. If I make it cool but if not then that is when I look for new things to get me to my goal. Again I am not saying that this current build will make 1000bhp this time. We are looking for 700rwhp/700rwtq right now. That should yield around 850bhp. That alone will suffice for what I want to do with this car racing and for what my new sponsor is looking to test with. I do however plan on hitting the 1000bhp mark with the 3.7 in the future. Just for bragging rights and to pull new sponsor monies into the fold for future projects.

My apologies to Intense if I came off being crass. I do hold high respect for your accomplishments in life and with your work on the 3.7. Soon we will need more guys like you to help navigate the unknown of these power levels on this engine.

Oh and I don't think the use of different engines really needs to come into play in this conversation. If that is an argument then just slap a Y2J Supra power plant in your car.

So which CAI do you guys think will be the best to run on my setup?
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