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Originally Posted by FutureSound View Post
You guys are talking some serious stuff about these MPT Tunes. If I hear that you lost .3sec on the MPT on the same track same night I'll order mine tomorrow!

I have been right on target with my Bama tune according to their project builds. I ran a 14.1 (stock) my first go, tuned it then ran a 13.7 (stock, Race tune). That's .4 off and a big difference for daily driving.

Just an FYI, I do a lot of logging of my statistics when I race, and note all changes in weather, temp, DA, launch, tirespin etc; and one thing I noted was that resetting your quick shift never made a difference for me (less than .1) but running back to back made a big difference (.1 for every run). So ahead of all else make sure your engine temps are the same for the runs.
It only helps to have the trans fluid and gear oil warmed up too. That's, likely, another thing helping when hot lapping.
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