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Originally Posted by Grok View Post
This IS getting ridiculous!

The OP simply mused if the 3.7 could be built to produce 1000 hp like the very tweaked Hyndai.
Somewhere along the line Solobusa says he's back in the game, this time he has a financial (technical?) supporter and that his goal is 1000 crank horsepower.

That's when the personal attacks started. Even the moderators are in it now.
He is aware of the challenges, maybe more than anyone. I don't know the details of his engine building plans, but I do know is he is a leader and he shares lots of good information on this forum. Others are great contributors also and I appreciate their contributions too.

Solo wants to build a 3.7 and I'm tickled pink! I'm interested in what a 3.5 can produce but the 3.7 is in my Mustang so I have far more interest in it's potential.

Go get em Solo!!
Late to the Party Again! I see everyones made up in the time I've taken to type a "hunt-and-peck" response.

Now lets all speculate how long the Hynda will last!

Never argue with an idiot........They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!
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