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Originally Posted by jasinedward View Post
on my last good day out with the v6 I was running consistent 13.6-13.7's.... I took about an hour break, then I added a gallon of 100 to a little more than an 1/8th of a tank. I ran 13.5's the rest of the night.... on my Bama tune. Just another variable to throw into the mix for ya....
I agree. I wouldn't know where the benefit would stop as in what overall octane number. There's a point on engines where more advance will not make any more power due to negative work from the crank angle peak pressure will arrive (too soon). The pcm does adapt at WOT and does try to advance timing. So, it's possible, like stock, to make more power up to the programmed limit in the pcm using higher octane fuel. That's my basic understanding from speaking with a pro racer package self tuner to get some insight.
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