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My Bama and MPT tunes were based on the same datalog. MPT is a brute comparatively.

I've noticed that even with traction control on I get a lot more rear end wiggle than I'd like from a standing launch. Yesterday I was afraid I'd swing out sideways but she held it together despite breaking traction and doing the booty shake.

I barely got any side-to-side movement from Bama with traction control on, though I did get some slippage if I launched from idle to 2K RPM, and I'd get a burnout if 3K or higher. MPT roasts the tires much more easily.

All these things are clear indicators to me that the TQ is where it needs to be, at least for how I like to drive.

One thing I'll note: because of a custom side-pipe design I fabricated, my car is approximately 60 lbs lighter than stock in the arse end. I know this contributes. Even so, Bama did not shake up the rear the way MPT does. It also didn't cause straight line slippage (tires breaking loose, almost like they did before the Steeda LCA's) like MPT does.

I suspect that if I were to 1/4 mile the car in its current configuration, I'd probably lose time in the 60ft because of the enhanced traction loss I'm experiencing with these Pirellis. But if I were to get the arse end nailed down again, I've very little doubt I'd knock time off the clock.

But...this isn't about me.

May the competition begin!
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