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Originally Posted by uh-oh View Post
I thought Bama was the most conservative of the tuners, favoring longevity over raw numbers and a lot of people are happy with that. I'd be curious to hear what MPT owners see after multiple thousands of DD miles. Are the MPT tunes more "streetable" than Bama's?
Not sure what you mean by more "streetable." If you mean more street race worthy, then yes. Very well suited for that. If you mean easier to putt around in, then no. MPT doesn't like to be grannied.

I imagine if there were a sudden wave of people getting Steeda and Lund tunes we'd see the same questions, concerns and levels of scrutiny. It comes with the territory. We all want to see someone build a better mouse trap and when they do, we question whether it really catches mice. That's just how it goes.

I reckon we'll find out whether my mice will explode in their little cages several thousand miles from now. Only time will tell.
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