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Originally Posted by Mpaac View Post
I planned on having the dealer check it out but I was worried if be on my own as far as warrenty because I have done a handful of mods already and they would attribute the problem to the 3.73s I had installed.
Speak to the Service Manager, Mpaac. They’ll let you know what is causing it and if it’s a customer pay situation.

Originally Posted by Raccoon View Post
My car, bone stock drivetrain beside and airaid intake, does it on the 2-1 shift occasionally, normally I can tell when its about to happen. Only two, maybe three, times has kicked as hard as you described. In fact one time it was so bad I was about to get out the car because I thought I was rear ended Have you noticed it before the gear install? I'd guess, like someone else said, the gears are just exacerbating the problem
Racoon, you should bring it in and have it checked out to make sure nothing else is going on. Let me know the outcome.

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