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Originally Posted by randeez11 View Post
Here is what I have.
Put FRPP sports on first. A little louder at idle. A little louder at cruise, a little louder at WOT , than stock. Absolutely no popping or drone.
I then added BBK long tubes and catted X pipe.A bit louder at idle, quite a bit louder at cruise speeds. very loud and raspy at WOT.
I then put on GT resonators. About the same at idle. Sounds great at cruising speeds, not excessive, but muscular. At WOT. fairly loud, but toned down from no resonators with some rasp at 3500-4000 rpm.
I am very pleased with my current set up. The exhaust note is nice and deep, actually as close to the sound of my V8, as possible.
I think you would be pleased with the FRPP sports. But changing exhaust is very subjective. I don't think listening to sound clips helps much. But I would encourage you to stay with the higher end mufflers. Set ups like pipes sound terrible to me.( Ive heard them in person) But again, this is just my opinion.
Regardless, adding FRPP sport axle backs to an otherwise stock system, should not be too loud for anyones tastes. At least IMO.
Just remember that no matter want you do, the V6 will never sound like a V8. You can make it sound great, but it still only has 6 cylinders.
No popping? How you figure? My Frpp Sports pop a lot on decel.

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