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Originally Posted by kenv View Post
ENOUGH!! What we have here is some very intelligent people going from disagreeing about something which is OK, right to personal attacks. Which is NOT OK.
Exactly. We all should be able to express our views ( with in reason) and talk about things that are of interest to us.

That said, getting back to our debate about 100 hp v6's. Sure almost anything is possible .But on the street, without turning a car into a single purpose vehicle that will also require extensive maintenance and an unlimited budget, these kind of power levels are prohibitive for 99.5 percent of owner applications.
I would say that anyone looking to achieve this kind of power should seriously be considering a much larger engine. And even then, the supporting modifications as well as realistic expectations, should be taken into account.
I am a power freak, always have been. Personally, I don't know how anyone could drive a 1000 hp car, with out finding it a handful, and then some.
So, unless a person desiring this type of performance is experienced with powerful cars, it might well be better suited for them to step it up gradually, and see how it goes.
I hope im making some sense hear. I know when I was teaching a lot of the young guys would romance about what they read in automotive publications and believe they could enjoy these levels of performance with little or no consequence.
When you are driving a car with 500-600 rwhp, you better have it pointed real straight , before you apply the power.Or find yourself in trouble real Quick. Its a handful, to say the least.
A 1000 hp car, well not many people, would have the ability to control it. let alone maintain it.
No intention to lecture, just exercising my right to debate. I mean isn't that what forums are all about. Guys talking cars, enjoying themselves, comparing viewpoints and lastly, having fun. Live and let live.Lighten up guys. After all , its only a car forum.

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