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Originally Posted by Blaseleblanc View Post
I was able to get 5 runs in with both the bama tune first and then the MPT tune. Needless to say, I was disappointed in my times with both tunes.

I'll post up the full results some time tomorrow when I can sort through everything and voice my experience. The verdict is that MPT is the consistently quicker tune!

MPT Race Performance
1/8- [email protected] 81.01
1/4- 13.707 @ 101.55

Bama 93H Datalogged
60'- 2.012
1/8-8.888 @ 79.64
1/4- 13.760 @ 100.45

As you can see, I did have a lot of traction problems with the MPT tune off the line. The MPT tune had me spinning about twice the distance of the bama tune, and 2nd gear nearly landed me sideways on the wall. The acceleration with the MPT tune off the line was SO aggressive, I could feel my rear end dipping down. It barked 1-2 and chirped 2-3 shifts. The tune had some problems however. For some reason, MPT was skipping gears. I was WOT and at the 2-3 shift in Drive, the MPT tune shifted me to 4th instead of 3rd. Then it shifted me back down to 3rd once the computer realized what the F was going on. That caused me to run a 14.768 @ 95. This happened to me test driving the tune before heading to the track as well. I was forced to complete the rest of my MPT runs by manually shifting, which worked fine.

The bama tune in contrast seemed to be much more composed and easier to control. Unfortunately, the shifting compared to MPT felt slow and relaxed. I definitely felt more power throughout the entire RPM range with MPT. When the bama tune shifts, it is almost as if power cuts out and then kicks back in slowly. MPT had continuous power flow throughout all the shifts.

Regarding both tunes, I had a ton of shift flaring. This may just be because I swapped the tunes. My car JUST got out the shop from 11-11-11 TSB with brand new solenoids yet it still flares stock or tuned. I'm not quite sure why it's still flaring, but it affected both MPT and bama (bama being affected worse).
Despite MPT edging out the Bama tune, the results are very telling and confirm what many MPT tuned car owners are saying. Bama supposedly worked really hard and even posted in here how they worked a special tune for you, but the out of the box MPT tune still beat it. What happens after a couple MPT datalogs? Or maybe it's already optimized if Bama has worked their magic, getting close to the MPT numbers.
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