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Sounds good!

The last tune Ryan sent is very fast and firm on the shift..and I'm picky.

I talked to MPT a while back and they wanted more than $75 due to my stall converter low rpm shudder (common problem on a multi disc converter). Which is fine. I was thinking about a dyno tune with MPT but I'll wait and see what happens with JLP's tune first. On the Bama tune, I could tell he raised the line pressure in the transmission and it actually helped the low rpms cruise shudder, on top of the part throttle shift mph's being raised to keep me no lower than 1500 up in 4,5, and 6. That could use a little more tweaking to get those rpms higher. Just need the car to let go of those gears. Everything is great slowly speeding's when you slow down, the rpms come down, then you slowly accel again and it hangs onto the gear pulling no lower than 1500 instead of downshifting to keep the rpms around 2k after lockup.
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