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2011+ V6: Engine Error Code P0012

I think I might have discovered the source of the surging idle my 2011 V6 has been experiencing since nearly the day it was new 3 years ago:

Code P0012 "A" Camshaft Position - Timing Over-Retarded (Bank 1)

The error code and description I'm getting is precisely the one described in the link above.

I've had tune after tune over the past 3 years, perhaps 7 or 8 or more from Bama and now 1 from MPT, and none of them have been able to smooth out the idle entirely. Intake porting and a new TB has not accomplished this either, though I've read that a few members here have experienced smoother idles after porting.

The error code just appeared, though the surging idle symptom has been there for years. Actually, the engine light came on, then I discovered the error code. I contacted MPT and they said this is not tune related. I've more or less confirmed this by reading other threads where folks thought their tunes were the source, only to discover later it was a sticking VCT valve.


Has anyone else had to deal with the sticking VCT solenoid described in the link?

This seems to be a problem that has cropped up in several models over the past decade, and Ford has obviously not done a whole lot about it during their model redesigns.

Is this solenoid/valve difficult to locate? Is it difficult to clean or replace? If you've had any of the symptoms described in the link and you've conducted the recommended inspection and made the repair, did this clear up the issue for you?

Thanx much!

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