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Does everyone realize that there are dozens of these engines available for less than $2000? Stock internals N/A will land you something in the area of 350bhp and we know 475bhp FI is safe. Ford is now making more v6s than v8s last i heard. We're living in an era where less than 3 liters can see over a thousand horsepower. There are more v6 mustangs on the road than v8s and they're going to become a viable entry level use track car for less than the cost of just about any other platform. 2018 rolls around and the trends continue, how many 3.7L mustangs and 3.5/3.7 f150s/tauruses etc will be on the road? What do you think it will cost to pick up a used 2011 3.7?

It will never be the ultimate platform, but pretending like it being expensive to work on now means its completely pointless is just stupid. Look at the direction Ford is moving, and look at the aftermarket support for the 3.7 compared to the 4.0, times are changing.

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