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Getting an itch for a project car

I thought about trading my car in for a GT, possibly when the 2015's are released down the road. But common sense prevailed quickly as I have too much money in my car and still have minor mods to get and dents/dings I need to fix as well as wanting to change to staggered look. Obviously that's not a route I will take.

So thinking about it, I can still mod my Mustang, but I think she needs an older brother to go along with her. I haven't decided what year, and what to look out for since I'd go for about 10 yrs + older depending on when I buy in 2014/2015. Who knows by then a 2005 mustang is affordable. What I want. Something that has maybe about 80k on it. 5spd is a must, Good tires, Engine has to be sound. I'm not going after anything that has been severely modded because if they modded they probably ran the crap out of it. I'd love to get a Cobra, but only one's affordable are pre-2003's as a project as I don't want to spend 15k+ on a Cobra from 2003 even though I love them.

Any ideas, and what I should stay away from or test out when I look down the road.

I'm really wanting to stick around 7500 when I start looking.

Cobb Access Port
MAPerformance Tune, CAI, and Intercooler
NGK 6510 Sparkplugs
Everything else is for show.

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