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Originally Posted by SoloBusa View Post
Ive been racing since I was 9. From Kart to SCCA to motorcycles to ultra highpowered bikes and cars in the standing mile, even a year in formula Mazda snd two years in a Miata,(which hands down was the most fun and competitive racing). A skilled driver on the track is much different than an everyday Joe on the street. In my opinion 500rwhp is at the absolute limit for the street. You really just need to look at pavement differences on city streets. 500rwhp on an unprepped surface is the same as a Geo Metro on ice. Both will get you hurt quickly. I dont want to belittle anyone but 99.999% of people on the street cannot handle more than 400hp. You have to get alot of driving under your belt to get used to it. And even then crazy things happen on the street that rarely happen on a track. So you have zero knowledge of how to react safely.

My goals are for the types of racing that I do. 700/700 will make me a top competitor for what I want to do with this car. 1000bhp/850rwhp is for bragging rights. All the 800rwhp+ guys I know, which is quite a few, never get close to using all that power on the street unless its a straight tollroad in a roll race to 180+ mph.

Besides horsepower isnt everything. These cars can lose 400+ lbs and get the power to weight into great areas. Even into some so called supercars territory.

Yes for me the boost controller is extremely important to what im doing with my car. But Ive seen guys run 20# wastegate springs and racefuel on the street running 700+ rwhp. I dont recommend it for anyone but these guys had more seat time than me by double so I have a feeling they have a pretty solid handle on their cars.
Valuable input, and very much appreciated

If anything's to be taken from it in regards to the potential of this platform, I don't see any reason it won't be able to afford-ably cover the normal build spectrum. 400+ to the wheels on stock internals and 600+ on the stock block will make it viable at an increasingly appealing price point. Honestly, I think we'll see the day soon where v8s become overkill, the coyote platform could be putting out 600+bhp naturally aspirated in an all out race build, boosted there are practically no limits.

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