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2011 V6: Steeda Ultra Lites, Front Only

I posted this in another forum, and figured some of you here might be able to use the information. For a little background, the front end of my 2011 V6 has curiously sat higher than any other V6 I'd seen. Considering my cosmetic mod's, I'd decided a forward rake was the way to go. A few months back, perhaps a year, I put the idea out here and received some mixed responses, most of them negative, just as on the other forum. But being stubborn as I am and prone to doing my own thing, I decided to move forward with my idea.

The post below (cut and paste from the other forum) is in regards to Steeda Ultra Lites I installed yesterday (front springs only):


"The front springs were installed this morning. Here are the realignment spec's afterward (numbers in parenthesis are the specified ranges):

Front Left Camber -1.3 (-1.5 0.0)
Front Right Camber -0.6 (-1.5 0.0)

Front Left Caster 6.7 (6.4 7.9)
Front Right Caster 7.1 (6.4 7.9)

Front Left Toe 0.10 (0.00 0.20)
Front Right Toe 0.12 (0.00 0.20)

Front Cross Camber -0.7 (-0.8 0.8 )

Front Cross Caster -0.4 (-0.8 0.8 )

Front Total Toe 0.22 (0.00 0.40)

My next mod will be caster camber plates, to roll these numbers a little closer in to where they should be. I will likely not have more than a few hundred miles on the car by then.

I have some very small phone pic's that I could upload but you'd have a tough time seeing the difference, though it is obvious in person. The front drop is not as extreme as the Roush in the link I posted. Honestly, it looks closer to how the factory should have looked. And speaking of...

The factory springs were part number BR3Z5310AB SBF Blue. I do not know for a certainty, but I'd say these are GT springs, which would account for the lack of factory rake. I've had other people tell me it had been sitting higher in front than what they were used to seeing from a factory V6.

Before the springs were installed there was room enough for me to put three fingers between the top center of the tire and the bottom center of the front wheel well. Now I can fit only two. The rear is still factory, sitting at "3 fingers" with about 1/8 inch of additional space.

As for the ride...

Most of the braking nose dive is gone, though some of it is still there, under moderate and hard braking; considerably improved for sure, but certainly not what I'd consider true sports car quality. But then I didn't add new shocks or do the rear springs. I wasn't looking for a hard suspension anyway. The ride is a little more firm but seems to be pretty close to factory where comfort is concerned. Tough to tell the difference, really. These are most certainly not harsh, uncomfortable springs. I figure if I want to stiffen things up, I'll just buy some adjustable shocks eventually. For now, it's improved and all is well.


I found one of the most torn up but still paved (barely) county roads I can think of, and raced down it around 60 mph tonight. Car handled beautifully. Very pleasant ride, considering.

I definitely made the right choice in springs."


Here is the stance I was looking for:

Here is the stance everyone was saying I'd have:

Here is the stance I actually have:

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