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Originally Posted by popeye010 View Post
Is it similar to the boss side exhaust as in connected to the h pipe.
The factory X pipe is removed and a custom H pipe welded in its place, joined immediately to a pair of 5" dia. cylindrical mufflers approximately 18" in length, that dump out almost 90 degrees into custom made exhaust booms that exit just behind the doors, in front of the rear wheels. No other piping down-stream, so it's not like the Boss. Not like the Cervini Eleanor kit either, that moves back toward the rear axle then does a 180 forward before dumping out the sides.

Originally Posted by RandoTheKing View Post
I think side pipes are badass. People hate on what is not easy to obtain
Or what is not the same kind of "different" as everyone else, especially when visually displayed online. To this date I get compliments every single day I take her on the road. But...I'm not gonna whine about the online community, though it might sound like I already am. I'm just pointing out the difference I see between the virtual world and the real one I drive around in.

Originally Posted by Fabman302 View Post
Pics? .
I'll PM a few to you, if I have not already. Pretty sure you've seen them though.

And...they're not the best sounding there is, but a LOT of people do tell me they sound good. I get some funny looks sometimes because apparently I've bridged the gap between the V6 and V8 sound. I've drawn a line that confuses people. No, it doesn't sound like a V8, but then it doesn't sound like a V6 either. V7? Yep. If there were such a creature this would be it.

That covers my best and worst visual mod.

My best performance mod by far is the MPT tune I put in a little more than a week ago!
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