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Originally Posted by jsimmons View Post
I wasn't trying to start a argument. I have a V6, too, but if I was hunting for 4-digit HP numbers, I'd start with a V8. It's an easier starting point.
Or at the very least, the 3.5L V6. It doesn't make financial sense, to pursue 4 digits with the 3.7L when better platforms are readily available even if you choose 6 holes over 8. I appreciate everything that Solo has accomplished, but I think the results of these attempts to stretch the envelope to the max only serve to magnify the block's weaknesses.

The 3.5 is used in both a rear drive and front drive configuration and I believe that the installation of this block in a Mustang would be a straight forward proposition.

If we want to throw money at R&D, I wonder how difficult it would be to put together an all wheel drive, 450HP/430TQ EcoBoost V6 Mustang.

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