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Originally Posted by Hazim17 View Post
Idk if it helps any but I do have ebiatch sway bars. When I do street race I usually put the pedal to the metal. My car doesnt have any tunes so that's what I'm used to... Would the spin be enough to send me flying into another car. I always leave tc on unless I'm doing donuts or burnouts.
Originally Posted by chadhtx35 View Post
The spin shouldn't send you into another car.
Only way that will happen is if you are doing donuts on the freeway or you peel out when someone is 5 feet in front of you.

Our cars are pretty stable, if you have decent tires you'll really enjoy the tunes. It's a very good improvement, but it's not like putting a pro-charger on your car. I think once you supercharge the car, then you really have to start getting use to the extra power.

You'll have more issues trying to keep down the wheel hop more then anything else, and learning what rpm to launch at once you start doing some of these tunes and bolt-on mods.
And, as with any tune, don't power it through a u-turn, in a double turn lane, or through a potentially dangerous curve. Too easy to break traction and swing the rear into the other lane. Just use some discretion as you would with any tune.
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