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Originally Posted by Kimnkenzcoyote View Post
We have 12k on our car now and its still running...not smooth or quiet, but still running.
Had to take it in at 1400 mi. for a rear diff howl and shifting probs. they replaced ring/pinion and bearings to fix the diff successfully.

The transmission however, not so much. second gear set was replaced and did not make much difference.
I specifically asked the service staff if there was an additive to help at that time.

I think I will go down and have them install the fluid at no charge.

The other thing I have noticed recently is that the shift lever moves forward and back on accel/decel in 1st and 3rd...does anyone know if this is a normal characteristic that I am just noticing (I don't do stop n go traffic very often) or is this another indication of a problem?
The only time its normal for the shifter to move is when you move it!, it moves because your stock motor mounts are soft to dampen noise but that increases movement. your rear tranny mount is so soft you can climb under your car and shake your whole tranny by grabbing the rear tail shaft. Ford was more concerned with noise reduction then keeping the remote mount shifter from moving around thus contributing to poor shift quality!

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