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Originally Posted by randeez11 View Post
Depends what you use the car for. 3:73's will certainly give you a V6 that will earn respect. And it might actually get better fuel mileage in stop and go city driving situations, but on the highway, you will burn more fuel . if you don't drive the car on a lot of long trips , going from 2:73 gears , to a lower gear ratio will definitely make the car perform better.Just keep in mind that a change from 2:73's to 3:73's will definitely burn lot more fuel on the highway. If fuel consumption is an issue, you might want to consider the 3:31's and maybe get a few bolt on mods like throttle bodies, and headers. They wont hurt your gas milage but will definitely wake the car up. And should get you in the ballpark, to match your friends 04 GT. Regardless if you are wanting decent performance, 2:73 gears just wont cut it, especially with a motor this small. Just a few thoughts.
Stock for stock he should be faster than the 04 GT even with 2.73s. Can't tell you how many SN95 and New Edge owners in my stomping grounds have seen my tail lights.

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