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Originally Posted by cimeron2013 View Post
OK after hearing the FRPP exhaust on a v6 mustang I think it sounds the best. Hopefully its not obnoxiously loud for DD around town. I was looking for a throatier sound without the excessive loud volume. If these end up being a bit loud I figure I can always throw on some resonators? perhaps 12" wont kill the sound but refine it? anyone do this?

Only issue now is that the FRPP exhausts cost $669 which is up there in the price column for similar axlebacks. however others offer 304 SS tips which the FRPP's have but others also state that the muffler bodies and pipes are also stainless. FRPP web site does not state if the muffler body is stainless??? anyone know? also, does anyone know what the warranty on these are from Ford? Lastly, do these go on sale at all? where can I get the best price? got to watch the pennies if I am to also do CAI down the line. any advice? I would be greatful. thanks.
They are produced by Borla, have a year warranty, and putt putting around town in sixth they are barely audible inside, but they come alive when you mash on it. I think I paid right around 600 shipped from American Muscle after discounts I had.

Also, us forum members get a discount through AM. You just have to have at least 50 posts and get in touch (pm) with an AM rep here on the forum such as Dan Bailer.

I seriously doubt you'll need to add bigger resonators than stock unless you end up getting an x pipe later on.

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