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Examining the 3.7L assembly manual, I see the VCT solenoid is L-shaped, unlike its I-shaped predecessors. What this means is the valve cover will have to be pulled off to get to it unlike older models where you just had to pluck out the VCT seal and pull the solenoid straight up to remove it.

What's odd is that I've not noticed any change in sound or performance since this light came on. I think I might toss the factory tune back on for a day or two. If this code goes away, I'll know it's not anything related to a mechanical failure of some kind. Not sure where I'd proceed from there though, other than putting the aftermarket tune back on and just ignoring the light when it pops back up. I don't like the idea of doing that though. I'd rather locate the source or at least rule out the possibility of it just being a "ghost" error.

Several days ago I returned the car to stock, fired up the engine, noticed the light and the code were gone, then turned the car off and reloaded the aftermarket tune. Same results. No light and no code. The light and code reappeared after a day or two of driving. Not really sure what to make of that. You would think that if the solenoid were sticking, it would do it under the stock tune. I guess I'll have to drive stock for a few days to see what happens.
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