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My buddies are getting 500 rear wheel on the Coyotes with the new cams and intakes out there, now if Ford does the 2015 at 400lbs less like they are talking there are going to be some fast bolt on cars out there, getting real close to the 9's for sure! Heck the 3.7 would be a mid 13 second car out of the gate and the 5.0 would be a mid - low 12 second ride for sure, should be interesting.

It's not that the S550 will be 400lbs lighter than the S197 but that there will be a '15 MODEL that is lighter than at least one S197 model, likely the EcoBoost 4cyl vs. the current 5.0 or possibly the convertible. It's going to be more of a marketing slight of hand type deal.
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