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Originally Posted by V6 Cannonballer View Post
If I were to get a V8 project car, it would be a '72 Buick Riviera, and most certainly not for the purposes of speed or agility. That tuna boat has very little going for it other than (IMO) slick classy lines and gallons upon gallons of driver and passenger room. I am not a Mustang fan, never really was, though I do love this V6. But I wouldn't mind a '69 fastback or an '03 Terminator.
Good luck on either! There are 03-04 Cobras that are nearly stock that still sell for more than 20k! My buddy bought a 2.1 KB 04 Cobra w/ supporting mods and >30k miles, added nitrous, ran mid 10's and sold it for a 2k investment (had for little over a year). Maybe the new 5.0 owners will luck out and have good resale values also. I'm pretty sure my 12' V6 won't be as lucky.
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