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Originally Posted by Hazim17 View Post
im pretty sure the car wouldn't be able to handle that kind of pressure... is it possible yes... but ud have to strip the whole car down and rebuild it pretty much from scratch.... might as well buy a new car no?
I'm not sure I understand this logic. Thats like the 5.0s saying, why buy a 3.7?

Well why buy a 5.0, when you can get a base Boss for the same price as an optioned 5.0? Or why not a GT500, or a supersnake, or a Ford GT? Etc...

You get what you can afford, and more importantly, you get what feeds your bug. To some its being unique, exploring the unknown, and that is what brought them to the 3.7.

I'm all for it. We know the coyote makes big power, rather easy...and because of that they're a dime o' dozen now adays. I'd be more impressed to see the craftsmanship and know-how to make a big power 3.7. That would be badass to me.

Go for it busa, I'm pullin for ya. Idk how people cant see the potential. I got my 14 for a little over 20k out the door. That gives me quite a bit of breathing room until I'm in the 5.0 territory, not to mention it can be incrementally spent over time.

Glad to see the cyclones have pioneers amongst us.
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