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Originally Posted by dnljrz23 View Post
Hi guys, I'm new to this forum(first time ever posting a forum)

So the "service advancetrac" light came on about 2 days ago while I was pulling in to work going up the ramp in the parking lot. I didn't think anything of it, I thought it was just a false warning since I couldn't have done anything to trigger it and I had just gotten an oil change the same week so maybe it was just a glitch. I was going to take it to the dealership to get service Monday morning(today) but now I'm in a bit of a mess.

I need advice.

Last night I got off work & headed to my fiancés work, we both work at restaurants in the strip, and I waited for her to get off so we could both drive back to her place. While we were driving back to her house we were making a left turn, the light was green, and as soon as we made the turn I had slowed down to take on the turn and then sped up while taking the turn(going about 35mph on a dry road) and my car spun out aggressively and since I was on the left and my fiancé was right next to me, she swerved immediately to the right and so did all the cars turning. As soon as the car spun out I let go of the gas pedal and tried braking. My car spun 360° and the drivers rear tire hit and jumped the median and now the tire wobbles. I'm so thankful that I didn't cause any accidents. I know the rear axel is definitely messed up now.

My concern now is if this is something Ford will take care of or will I have to take care of it. What do I do? I know this is a problem ford cars have & can't seem to fix. Should I go complain to the dealership?
Just had the "service advancetrac" repaired. They had to replace 2 modules, bleed the brakes and replace the HCU (something to do with the master cylinder and ABS) to repair it. Very sorry about your trouble. Definitely not a false/error message at all. Ford ought to help you with the tire since the 360 was caused by a faulty advancetrac. Are you under warranty?
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