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Perhaps that might be the case. Either way, I have a window of time and $$ to spend on this car and I'm progressively considering staying naturally aspirated. At that rate, I'm thinking I'll go with 4.10's again if I do end up going down that road. Or, I'll suck it up and buy a ProCharger and go with 3.73's.

The reality of it is, I don't care at all for 1/4 mile times nor do I pick on folks on the street anymore, as I did when I was younger. I've got so much to lose these days by driving like a retard. I'm military and I'm in a sensitive position. One lame brain move will take all of that away. Which is why I opted for a V6 in the first place - to have a lower ceiling per given dollar on the amount of power I'd have on tap. When I return home and I have all that play money, decisions will need to be made and I don't have a convincing argument to have yet another boosted car under my belt.

Maybe staying N/A with 4.10's would be more enjoyable on this particular platform.

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