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Originally Posted by powerwhee View Post
Max torque came in around 3000 rpm on your 4.6 right? Ran out of steam around 5800 rpm? You getting to higher rpms quicker wasn't as crucial because your power band was in the midrange. The 3.7 makes its peak power at close to 7k rpm. The gears help put the smaller high revving engine into its powerband much better. The 4.6's powerband is down low and therefore gears won't be as dramatic on a engine like that.
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And to answer your question, that's about right. I think my max torque was somewhere around 3600 and my max hp came right at 5800. Although it didn't really drop off to hard after that. I think I'd spin it to 6200. I had Eibach drag springs, Maximum Motorsports subframe connectors, Lakewood 90/10's for the front and 50/50's for the rear. Along with some UMI lift bars and Steeda LCA's. With 315 BFG drag radials, the car would still spin profusely. When it actually did hook off the line, I'd still manage to lose traction from 1-2 and 2-3. Which didn't make for a very enjoyable driving experience.

It sounded fantastic but, ultimately, it wasn't a very fast car. I think the fastest I ever managed to get that thing down the track was [email protected]~103-104. But this was back in 2004 so, my memory of those years isn't the clearest.

From a roll, this car seems just as capable with just the mods it has. I'm just afraid that getting gears will result in displeasure.
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