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Originally Posted by anjunabeats91 View Post
First of all, holy sh**. Glad to hear it didnt turn out to be more serious. But based off of what you have said, it definitly sounds like you may have a claim you can take to Ford. If the advancetrac was faulty and switched off without your doing, then caused you to loose control, and caused damage, that is a problem with the vehicle, that I would say is covered.

Go in to your Ford dealer and tell them everything that happened. Just stay firm when you talk with Ford, they do get tight with warrenty work, but this situation could have been a lot more seriuous. And thats the position/arguement you need to take when you bring this up to them. You essentailly lost control without your wrong doing, and they need to know that too. Talk with your insurance company as well, and they will work something out with you if Ford can't. Let us know what they say, and good luck
Yeah, I told them everything that happened, & how lucky I was to not collide into other vehicles or get hit by oncoming traffic when my car jumped the median. I told ford that this is a serious issue with these cars, cause the traction can't be disabling it's self, especially being rear wheel drive. I have to wait on Ford legal now & see what they're gonna tell me. They asked me what I'm expecting Ford to do for me & I told them that I needed them to repair my car & the traction control can not be defective on cars(since I'm not the only one it has disabled it's self on).

Hopefully Ford takes responsibility for something they are at fault for. Seriously scared the sh** outta me.
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