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Originally Posted by SilverStangRider View Post
For those of you that may be interested ,that after sending a PM to Deysha and asking her when the change over from QS to QDC occurred for the MY2012. I was informed that this happened 8-15-2011. And the XL-18 additive was added on those cars built 7-9-2012 and on.
So I guess my 14 has 2 bottles in it then, I had the XL-18 for a while just put it in yesterday, Reason is I do not drive the car to much, work home is only about 8 miles, and its not my daily driver, Installed yesterday drove about 100 klms really can't tell any difference at all, I have no problems shifting or missing shifts just trying to get rid of that little nibble in the morning time for the first 5 minutes, after that the shifter works flawless, As someone stated before maybe the 13 -14's have the additive from the factory, This morning I went for a little drive and the nibble was still there no changes at all for the first 5 min,

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