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Originally Posted by chadhtx35 View Post
No V6 for me. I already have a v6 car as my daily driver

2003 Mach 1 sounds like a great idea
Fox Body sounds like a great idea as well

I'd only want to add wheels/tires, intake upgrade, exhaust, mild cam,
minor body work, and a tune. That's about as expensive of a project car as I would want.
I assumed you'd take the logical leap and want to swap a V8 into it. If you're buying a project car, you're gonna rebuild the motor/trans ANYWAY, right? May as well get the cheapest starting platform you can find, and that's why I suggested a V6 - they're cheaper to buy (even used) than a V8 car. Other than the motor and the brakes, they're identical to the V8 cars, too.

What you're describing ain't a "project car" by most definitions, and in that case, don't waste your time. Just keep your current car and buy a 2015 to park alongside it...

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