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Originally Posted by chadhtx35 View Post
Well maybe, but I consider it more of a minor project. something that I can add on too, but not spend a lot of money.

A second car to me would be like an SUV or some 4 door sedan that doesn't drive like a sports car.

Doesn't really matter what we call it, in the end I'd want to reach a goal, it's still a plan and a little project to get it to where I would want it.
Actually, it does matter what you call it, but okay...

To me, a "project car" is a car that you buy cheap to get the rolling chassis, strip it all down to nothing, and then build it back up as a more bad-ass (or hyper restored) copy of what it originally was.

There also has to be a certain amount of gnashing of teeth from SWMBO because that "hunk of junk" is parked in an otherwise usable garage, and eventually , it gets moved outside with a tarp thrown over it in a n admirable but fruitless attempt to keep precipitation, animals, and shrubbery from getting in.

Finally, a real "project car" is essentially sold "as-is" with the mention that you "ran out of money", "don't have time", or "have too many other projects", and it was a hard choice, but the Mustang has to go.

(This is where the most V6-to-V8 swaps occur - or start to occur - in "project cars".)

Yeah, the other guy said it best - what you want is a second car.

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