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Originally Posted by IceBlue View Post
My comment is more intended at Ford, not at the member above.

OK, so Ford may been adding the XL-18 at the factory since the summer of 2012?

The local dealers around here had never heard of XL-18 until I sent them photos with part numbers a couple of weeks back.

I had my tranny oil changed several months ago but none was added at that refill. How come?

If it's a good thing to add XL-18 at the factory, why haven't the dealers been adding XL-18 at every transmission service for MT82s since the summer of 2012.

Something isn't adding up here. Someone is dropping the ball here if it now comes from the factory.

But I'm old and senile.
I agree with you on this, My dealer had no idea what is was, It would be good to clarify which cars have they XL-18, If any at all, I also agree with an earlier post where it states "if it needs an addative it's not good enough to begin with"

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