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Originally Posted by chadhtx35 View Post
Doesn't matter to me what you call it, it'd just be cool to have a car to toy with. I don't want a car that will take me 10 years to restore. I want something in decent shape that I can tinker with.

We can call it a second car, a box with wheels on it, doesn't matter. Just ready to get my hands on a fun muscle car to tinker with.

I don't have the funds, time, tools, knowledge or space to have something in my garage that is sitting around waiting for someone to rebuild it bottom up. I do have the funds, time, knowledge, and space for a fun car to add-on, paint as needed, tune-up, make faster and improve the looks.

We'll agree to disagree, my definition of a project is different then most peoples, but who really cares. Not that big of a deal and we can move on from that.
I think I'm looking for the same thing as you! I've been thinking about a fox for awhile but two days ago I was considering a new edge mach 1. I just wanted another car, call it what you want, that I could drive and work on. But I decided to just put money towards my car
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