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Originally Posted by David Young View Post
The 2011 + V6's have messed me up. I thought about buying a 98 - 99 Cobra for a project car. I started thinking about it and WHY buy a V8 car with bad gas mileage (and worn out) thats not really any faster than my V6 Mustang. So my 2011 V6 Mustang is my daily driver, project car and also my hobby :yelpleased:
Exactly haha I could get a mach 1 and throw some money in it to make it almost as fast as my car(I know the mach 1 would be faster with some mods but I'd have to practice shifting a lot) and get worse gas milage, and more insurance. I'd love the sound and gearbox though, I may not be the best or fastest at driving a manual, but I have a hell of fun doing it!
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