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Originally Posted by David Young View Post
So my 2011 V6 Mustang is my daily driver, project car and also my hobby :yelpleased:
Mine is too, but I'm essentially done with it.

*MY* project car would start with a 2010 V6 (I really like the 2010-12 body style), and swapping in (preferably) a 550hp DART block 427 stroker (based on a 351 Windsor) with either dual quads or a quad Weber setup, with a Tremec 6-speed backing it up. All computer-controlled systems would be eliminated. This would essentially mean that I would have to completely re-wire the car.

Yes, I'm absolutely insane, so there's no need to ask.

BTW, the secret to doing a car like this for us normal people with wives and other stuff going on, is to buy all the big-ticket items up front (starter car, motor, trans, rear, brakes). It's much easier to nickle/dime SWMBO over time than it is to one day say - "Okay, now it's time to spend $10k on the crate motor I need." And make no mistake, you're gonna be spending in excess of $25k for your "project car" in *parts alone*. That's why I want a carbuerated pushrod motor - nobody has to tune it for me, so I'll be saving upwards of $500 off the tail-end of the build.

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