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I'm just glad I got my 2014 when the opportunity arose. Really, nothing wrong with the 2015, Ford has to do something to boost sales or we won't have a Mustang around much longer. The Mustang sales are the lowest in the Ford line up at around 78,000 per year, a number that just isn't profitable for Ford. If Ford, by producing a Mustang "world car," can get sales around 125,000+ average per year then we just may have our steed for another 10 years. When sales drop below 100,000 per year, that particular model will soon be phased out. Corvette is unique in that Chevrolet has modified its business model to allow sales numbers between 45,000-65,000 per year to remain viable/profitable.

For me personally, I'd never purchase a Mustang that is 15 inches shorter and 7 inches reduced in width. If those numbers hold true, then better hope that you like the size of the 1974-1978 Mustang II, because that's what it will be. The SN95 was to small for me to feel comfortable in and that's why I sold it and purchased the 1999 new edge model which had just enough increase in interior room to make it liveable. But man, Mustang II-SN95 size again, no thanks!! Nevertheless, I hope enough people can live with the size/weight reduction so sales will soar; I want the Mustang to live on......I'll just have to take care of my 14 GT/CS, which I'm now very thankful to have purchased.

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