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Originally Posted by Tboneguy View Post
My company is having a big Giving Campaign kickoff party and one of events is a Dyno! I of course jumped on it! Running with the MPT Performance tune, an AiRaid intake and 2 1/2 exhaust through the 6A and 2.73 I laid down a very repeatable 267 HP. No torque numbers though..

Iran the car in 3rd gear and I'm not sure where MPT set the limit, but you'll see I ran in up higher on the first run (135 MPH). I was too chicken to run that high again on the stock driveshaft :-)
Wow, cool company. I wouldn't worry about going to the top of 3rd gear. I have a 3.31 equipped car and the top of third is around 100 and the factory limit is 115. The driveshaft doen't care how fast the wheels are turning, just of fast it is spinning.

Edit: Just noticed you have an auto, but it still works out to less than 115 if you had 3.31 gears.

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