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Originally Posted by JohnRW View Post
Many, many years ago, I had a popping noise in the front of the car I was driving at the time. I could hear it when I pushed the front of the car up and down. Then one day, as I was driving, I went across this small bridge that had a bit of a bump at the beginning of the bridge. My ball joint gave out, wheel folded up, and I skidded out of control into the oncoming lane, across the bridge and into the ditch. Thank God no traffic was coming the other way.

Not saying that is what your issue is, but when when someone says they have a popping noise in their front end, that is the first thing I think of. Best get that checked sooner rather than later.
It doesn't make a popping noise while I push up and down on front end, it sounds actually likes coming like slight in front of the steering wheel under the car
I'll try to record the noise though!
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