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Just another testimonial for XL-18...

I have a 2011 GT that had moderate shifting issues when cold and mild issues once warmed up. I had the fluid-swap TSB performed a while back which seemed to help the cold weather shifting problem but the "nibble" as some are describing it was still there when warm when shifting into 2nd and sometimes 3rd.

I dumped in the XL-18 last Saturday and have about 250 miles on it since and it did make a noticeable improvement. I still get a very slight nibble every so often but it is much less sever and definitely less frequent than before the additive. In fact, it's probably a non-issue (as in most wouldn't even notice it now if you didn't know it was there before...I'm just hyper-sensitive to it since it's been under my skin for so long). I am definitely glad I did it...probably the best $24 'mod' I've done!

BTW...I got mine at Ted Britt Ford in Chantilly VA. They ordered it for me and the parts guy said since folks on the forums are talking about it, he was going to order some extras to keep in stock since I'm probably not the last person who will be snagging some to alleviate the MT-82 shifting sickness.

Also, for anyone planning to add it...I should mention it was very easy to dump in there. It comes in a squeeze bottle with a small hose. Just remove the drain plug, put the hose in the hole, turn the bottle upside-down, squeeze until empty, and then put the plug back in. It took about 15 minutes total. I just jacked up the passenger side enough to get under the car (using jack stands, of course). Jacking up this side makes it easier since that is the side the plug is on, and will also decrease the chance of the fluid spilling out when you remove the plug (fluid will flow to the driver's side if you jack up the passenger's side).

Hope this helps!

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