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need info on Adjusting global spark on SCT

Hello , need a little info. I have a 2012 3.7 with auto trans.
Here is the set up I installed 3.31 gears ( which is nice ) and then I installed a SCT can tune. also nice addition. SO I just added a BBK 73MM TB and a CAI. Before I added the TB & CAI I had set the global spark on the SCT to +2 . Now that I have added the TB & CAI . ( I have not drove cause its raining ) but when I rev test it feels like it now has a lag when you first punch it. I experienced the same thing back in the day with my old 5.0 , when I jump to a bigger TB and the cure was timing advance and upping the Fuel pressure . So back to my question I had timing advance at + 2 so I upped it to + 3 , no change so I then lowered it to -3 and cant tell. then back to 0 till I get a answer as to what should I set it at running a 93 oct tune,

2012 3.7
CA intake
3.31 rear gears
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