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Originally Posted by 2012v6Pony View Post
Look at the Ford Service manual? Ford Service Manuals - Wiring Diagrams
You have 2 relays for the cooling fan: One high speed the other low.
You can relate the wiring diagrams pin numbers directly to your relay (they are both the same relay) I am going to guess you can take it from there.
LOL, actually I had the manual but I do not know which lead to solder to and where to make that connection from the switch to the relay. This is why I posted the 360deg pics so someone could talk to me like they are telling their 10 year old how to do it. I am clueless when it comes to electrical beyond splicing wires and soldering.

I assume based on the schematic that I jump one wire from the switch to contact 30 and the other to contact 87? BUT where do I attach the wire where it will not interfere with normal operation of the low speed fan when the switch is in the open position? Should I solder the wire to the external male terminals of the relay or to some point on the inside of the relay?
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